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Save A Puggle: Adoption Is The Best Option

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A shelter or rescue should be the first place you look for a Puggle. The number of animals seeking fur-ever homes is staggering. It is easy to find a Puggle or any other type of pet you may be looking for.

The majority of dogs at animal shelters and rescues are adult, mixed breed dogs. You can also find some puppies and pure bred dogs. You can even find Animal Rescue Organizations that specialize in the specific breed you are looking for. You can find Puggles at Pug Rescues and perhaps even at Beagle rescues since the Puggle is a Pug/Beagle mix.


When you adopt your puggle from a shelter or rescue, you are giving them a new leash on life.

You will find that shelters and rescues only offer dogs that are considered adoptable.

Even though some of them may have slight behavioral problems, violent dogs are not available for adoption.

Most animal shelters have limited space and resources. Because of the sheer volume of dogs that are constantly being added to the population, there is usually a time limit on how long a shelter will hold on to a dog. After that time limit is up, unfortunately the dog will eventually be euthanized. Save A Puggle.


It is very important to start with a list of the traits and characteristics you are looking for in your new addition to your family to make sure the Puggle is the right fit.

Consider whether your family is an active family who is looking for a dog who will be able to keep up. A puggle would be a perfect fit. If your family is laid back and is looking for a dog who loves to snuggle, the Puggle is a great fit.

Consider your climate. Because of the Puggle's shortened snout, it does not tolerate heat for long periods of time. So, if you live in a warm climate, be sure to keep your Puggle cool.

Be sure that you are ready for the life long financial commitment that you are making.


Shelters and Rescues charge an adoption fee. This fee goes toward the day to day operations of the shelter/rescue so that they make keep their doors open to help more homeless pets.

Many animals come into shelters and rescues with illness and injuries. The fee also goes to cover the cost of the veternary help that is provided.

Most animals shelters have a requirement that all adopted pets are spayed or neutered before they are offered for adoption and this cost is included in the fee. The dogs are also caught up on vaccinations if needed.

Even though adoption is not free, it is still cheaper than buying from a pet store or breeder and you will know the health condition of the dog before you bring it come.

To find a Puggle, you will want to enter Pug as the breed and you will find Puggles because they are a Pug/Beagle mix. I have even found them using Beagle as the breed, but found more success finding Puggles to adopt using Pug as the breed in my Petfinder search.

On Facebook, there is a fantastic Puggle Rescue Group, Puggle Rescue. It is a fantastic community of Puggle Adoption and Rescue Helpers. Check everyday for new listings of puggles available for adoption from all over the country.

Once you do find and adopt your puggle. Be sure to check out the incredible Puggle Community Page, Puggle! It is a community filled with puggle pictures, stories, and information.

I highly recommend using the search to find a Puggle to adopt.. It has a searchable data base of over 13,000 shelters and adoption organizations across the ountry. The organizations maintain their own home pages and available pet data bases. Petfinder is updated daily. Adoption Is The Best Option for bringing a Puggle into your home.